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Festival Coach Hire

Nottingham – Festival Coach Hire
Booking festival coach hire is without doubt the most convenient way to travel to one of Nottingham’s colourful and fun festivals. A wide range of special festivals, parades and other kinds of exciting events are held throughout the year in this northern city and groups of fun loving people will be able to travel to where the magic easily when they book this kind of transportation.

Nottingham minibus hire is available to use in order to travel to any of the annual festivals that are held in the city of Nottingham and the surrounding area. Party people who attend the No Tomorrow festival are encouraged to live for today and dance the night and day away. This special music festival is held in the month of June in the large and lovely grounds of Wollaton Hall and Park and it spans two full days. A huge number of DJs and other performers from all over the world can be seen entertaining the crowds here and attending the No Tomorrow festival is a great way to let off a little steam.

The Riverside Festival is held on the first weekend of August and this is one of the leading free festivals in this part of the country. You can be sure that there will be plenty of different types of special events to keep the crowds entertained during the Riverside Festival and one of the main highlights is the special dragon boat races that take place on the river, while other events include live folk music, free activities for the kids to take part in and a special craft fair.

The Living Heritage Food and Drink Festival is the perfect time to sample a wide range of tasty local produce such as wine, cheeses and freshly baked bread. You can be sure that there will be plenty of free simples to sip and munch during the festival as well as special events to enjoy.

As you would expect, minibus hire in Nottingham can be arranged for the entire day and you can also use this type of transportation to visit other attractions of establishments such as your favourite restaurant. The vehicle along with the accompanying driver will be waiting for party people when they are ready head back home and a number of different stops along the way can be arranged so that you can drop everyone in your group off at their doorstep if you wish.