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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Nottingham 28-35 Seater Coach

Nottingham is not only known for its great tales of Robin Hood, it also happens to be a town with great tourist attractions. These attractions are scattered throughout the city but tend to cluster close to each other. If your plans this year is to tour and know Nottingham inside out, we have a great deal for you.

We as Nottingham minibus Hire Company want to introduce you to our great city with one of the largest tobacco production plant in England. In any of our 28-35 seater coach buses, we will reveal to you the places and concerts that make Nottingham an ideal tourist destination. Alternatively, we can also provide a Mercedes 16 seater if your number is lower than 28 people.

Things to Do in Nottingham

Nottingham Castle

This castle only came to exist after it was completed in mid-10th century. Before that, the entire area of Nottinghamshire was part of another kingdom called Mercia, and was known as the place among the caves. This explains the many caves formed under the castle itself. Defence-wise, these caves gave the castle a vantage point against the enemies.

The Old Market Square

The Old Market Square is a public place meant for leisure and relaxation. It has a big ice skating arena where you and your family can have a day of fun gliding over the ice and of course those clumsy falls. Additionally, there is a beach in the area to relax, have a swim and maybe indulge in a game of beach football or volleyball.

The Lace Market

It’s interesting that they call it a market because it’s more of an art space. Within the Lace market are a number of art galleries showcasing the best local and bits of international talent. In medieval days, this market was famous for the sale of laces supplied by the local Lace industry that existed at the time.

Events in Nottingham

• The Vukovi Concert, The Bodega, Nottingham (21st March 2016)

• Notts in a Nutshell, The Maze, Nottingham (22nd March 2016)

• Kano, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (22nd March 2016)

• Wolf Alice, Rock City, Nottingham (23rd March 2016)

Why Choose Us

With any of our 28-35 seater coach buses, we guarantee you a smooth ride on the road at the hands of our professional drivers. If you can drive yourself, no problem; you will find any of our Volvos or Ford Transit buses to be quite handy on the road. Visit our minibus hire in Nottingham website and make your first booking.